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I had a dream to replace all of my day job income with passive income, coming into my bank account when I am asleep.I am so lucky to have found the confidence to build a portfolio of cash flowing assets. It took me 2 years to replace my job income and quit my job. It took me 3 years to reach a six figure income from property.

Now I help other people achieve their dreams too.

You Haven't Missed The Boat!

Its so easy to think that financial freedom is out of reach. I certainly did. I was a statistic. Single mum at 17 (yes that is right just 17) and written off by some as a statistic who would claim benefits. But I was lucky to have this beautiful little girl and I decided that I would support her. I decided to fight to make a good future for her.  When you love your family and those you care about, you will do anything to look after them. That was me!

The reality is that no matter how our lives start out, we have a choice to decide how we want them to continue. I did not have enough time with my family though as my job took me away from them when they were young. 

Oh how I wish I could get those precious years back. 

Oh how I wish I had found my property journey years before. 

This would have given me the time to spend with my family and do the things I wanted to do.

Its never too late though and in my forties I quit the rat race and started my property journey. I invested in my education and this enabled me to build a property portfolio worth £3.1M in 3 years. Most importantly it pays me income every single month and I have so much job satisfaction and more time for my family.

Watch my webinar now

Join me for my free 1 hour masterclass where you will see how I have built a £3m property Portfolio over 3 years.

I will share the exact strategies I used to gain financial freedom and a great income from property.

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About Rachel

After many years working in six-figure-income corporate roles, I was fed up with corporate politics. I had made business owners millionaires in smaller businesses through my sales capabilities. I had worked in FTSE top 100 organisation as Sales Director, selling multi-million-dollar deals and solutions in the financial services sector.

Unfortunately, earning big money was just not fulfilling; I knew I could live a better life and drive greater success by building a globally-branded business. Most importantly, I knew I could help others do the same for themselves, by using our brands and their work ethic to drive their success.

As a mum and grandma, I know that sometimes it’s easy to think that opportunity has passed you by. It has not! I can show you that opportunity is here and how to generate your own lifestyle.

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BNI Parkside, Derbyshire

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DASH Accredited

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Experienced Property Investor

What I Do

I help people like you learn how they can also grow a future income from property.  Life is so busy these days and although we all plan to focus on ourselves and our future, work, stress and jobs we have to do get in the way. No one has time to go to sit in a hotel for days learning about property.

This is why I created the six figure property programme. Everything in this programme can be done via online delivery. You can learn property at home, when you have the time. Put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine and find out how you supercharge your future income from property.

Watch my free webinar here which shows you how much I made on my first few deals. 

I am so proud to be able to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results through property. If you are a go getter who recognises that life has a lot more to offer you, I would absolutely love to help you. One of my clients recently completed just 6 hours of training and managed to secure his first property deal. 

We are proud to be able to offer franchising and licensing opportunities to ordinary people with the determination to do extraordinary things. Contact us if you are determined to start building a solid, steady, static income for yourself.

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What My Clients Say

I would recommend Rachel’s 6 week property programme to both complete beginners and those with experience as they will both learn considerably more than they thought they knew did before. Rachel is extremely experience and knowledgeable in property and the course is made better with her amenable and bubbly approach in presenting and learning.

Chris Weiss

Take Control of Your Financial Future!

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